THE CONNECTICUT CONVENTION CENTER HAS SPIRIT, HOW ABOUT YOU? State-Owned Facility Secures Mutli-Year Commitment for Spirit Festival Cheer and Dance Nationals

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Hartford, CT (May 15, 2014) – The Connecticut Convention Center is pleased to announce that it has secured a two-year commitment with Varsity All Star Brands for the organization’s Spirit Festival Cheer and Dance National Championships.  The two-day competition features participants ranging in age from as young as three years to college age and is one of the largest cheer and dance national championships in the Northeast.

“During our 2014 event earlier this month, we had 267 teams competing for the coveted “National Championship” title,” explains Craig Davis, Vice President of Event Operations for Varsity All Star Brands (Knoxville). “Teams traveled to Hartford from as far as Delaware and Maine to showcase their expert high-flying stunts and tumbling skills,” Davis continues.

The event is renowned as one of the most prestigious cheer and dance gatherings in the country and, in 2014, three paid bids and nine at-large bids were awarded to the World Championships in late April along with two bids and eight at-large bids awarded to the Summit held in early May.

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