Green Initiatives

Our Commitment to the Environment

At the Connecticut Convention Center, our neighborhood is our environment. Adjacent to the LEED-certified Connecticut Science Center, we are the centerpiece of an award-winning, 30-acre riverfront neighborhood called Adriaen’s Landing. Everything about the development says “cutting-edge,” including our exceptional dedication to the environment. From recycling to energy conservation we are continuously working to find ways to make the environment cleaner and create a smaller footprint for our facility.

Our Green Initiatives Include:

  • Recycling Programs: Cardboard and office paper are compacted and recycled. Glass, plastic and other recyclable trash are shipped to the Hartford Recycling Center. Other items include aluminum, batteries, and cooking oils, which are shipped out to be used in other products and as bio-fuels.
  • Energy Conservation Programs: We are always conscious of how much energy we are using and work to reduce our energy consumption for everything from escalators to lighting to HVAC.
  • Efficient Lighting: In 2014 we completed the largest LED lighting retrofit in Connecticut. By either retrofitting or replacing nearly 3,500 fluorescent fixtures and over 900 high-wattage Metal Halide lamps we removed an unprecedented two megawatts off the grid. The project also significantly reduced our carbon footprint.
  • Paper Reduction: We’ve transferred our exhibitor services order form completely online to reduce paper transactions. Plus we’ve installed No-Touch Paper Towel Dispense systems in all restrooms to reduce waste.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Guests with electric-powered vehicles can get a free charge while parking at the Connecticut Convention Center. Charging stations, provided by Connecticut Light & Power, are located on Level P1 and Level P3.