Convention Center Services

How we can help you with your event?

The Connecticut Convention Center offers total coverage from start to finish with every event. Our entire team, from sales to event management, exhibitor services to catering will work with you to minimize the complexities and maximize the success of your event.

Sales Associates

Our professional Sales Associates will ensure your event’s success and exceed your expectations for personal service, from planning to follow-up for event planners, exhibitors and attendees alike.

Event Management

Our Event Management Associates take a hands-on approach to client service, by developing a reliable partnership and offering comprehensive event planning information. Following the execution of your event’s License Agreement, the Center will assign an Event Manager to work with you to plan and implement your event. The Event Manager will remain your primary Convention Center liaison through the conclusion of your event. A major function of the Event Manager is to help streamline your planning process by arranging, sourcing and delivering everything and everybody you need to make your event a success.

PR & Marketing Support

The Connecticut Convention Center’s Communications Department is available to assist you with your publicity, advertising, and public relations needs. The department can assist in providing local media information, distributing press releases and displaying your event on our website and outdoor marquee.

Note: Licensees shall not use the trade name, service marks, trade marks, trade dress or logo of the Connecticut Convention Center in any form of publicity whether as a press release, a brochure, a verbal announcement, an advertisement, or any similar activity without the Licensor’s written consent. The Center’s logo is available through your Event Manager or the Communications Department. Licensor shall have the right to use the name, picture, likeness, trademark and/or logo of Licensee for purposes of advertising, promoting or publicizing the Event, the Center, Licensor or its affiliates, provided that such use does not constitute the direct endorsement of a product or service without the prior consent of the parties involved. Call 860.249.6000 to contact our Communications Department.

Additional Services

Online Exhibitor Services, exclusive Catering Services and the personal attention of our Executive Chef will enhance your overall experience, and help your event take place with the greatest of ease.